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Angela Nuemah Nasah VEGA
Born in Cameroon
88 years
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When I pass, speak freely of my shortcomings and my flaws. Learn from them, for I'll have no ego to injure. EULOGY TO MRS. ANGELA NUEMA VEGA Née NASAH An iroko tree has fallen here on earth but her soul and spirit are in Heaven with the angels singing Hallelujah. Born on the 7th December 1929, Mrs. Angela Nuema Vega née Nasah, wife of the Late Mr. C.B.B. Vega, eldest child to the Late Pa Vincent Nuesta Nasah and Mammie Teresa Mboumda Nasah, was born in Buea Town. Aboh, her pet name with her grand and great grandchildren and eventually every young person, completed her primary education in Buea Town and later, in 1938, was admitted into Convent School Sasse where she achieved her First School Leaving Certificate in 1939. From 1940 – 1945, Aboh attended Convent School Soppo and after completion, started the Grade 3 Teachers’ Training programme from 1947-1948. Always determined to be the best at whatever she wanted to do, Aboh decided to go to Nsukka Teachers’ Training College, where she obtained the Grade 2 Teachers’ Certification. As a qualified teacher, she started teaching in Soppo and Sasse where she met and later married her first love, our dad, in 1952. She subsequently had 7 children but unfortunately lost the 2nd child, Josephine, at birth and Nicky her 4th child and first son in 2013. To say that she was shattered would be an understatement. She was just coming around to normalcy after losing her beloved husband in 1997 when tragedy struck again. Needless to say that Aboh never recovered from this shock. Although a disciplinarian, a no-nonsense lady with rooted values and ethos, Aboh was a committed, devoted and most loving wife, mother, grand/great grandmother, sister, auntie and friend who loved us unconditionally. A lady who would gladly sacrifice all for us and gave us a great lifestyle. The Matriach of the Nasah clan and subsequently Vega clan, she was there 24/7 for us all. She loved laughter and was great at mimicking especially the Bakweri and various Nigerian accents. We are missing her and will continue to miss her desperately. Her natural commitment and devotion are all documented in her career as a true professional for whom every child mattered. In spite of the fact that she worked in a very diverse socio/economic environment, each child was given the opportunity to excel and were all treated equally. So before Equal Opportunity, inclusion and diversity become policies in Education and the work place, this special lady had started implementing them in her role as teacher, headteacher and Social Welfare Officer. How visionary could you get! A good example, albeit simplistic, was her quest and great desire for all the children to look the same on national day celebrations as she would laboriously make all the uniforms for her school children. All of us including both our brothers had to assist in the production of these uniforms in one way or another. Our brothers were taught how to stitch on buttons as mum’s belief was “many hands do light work.” Catholic Garden School always came first in appearance and behaviour on those occasions. With infectious enthusiasm and pleasure, she carried out her duties as a teacher in Tiko, Kumba and then New Town as well as headmistress of Catholic Garden School for 31 years until her retirement from Education in 1981 as she was making her transition into the area of Social welfare. She was later honoured as one of the oldest and most professional females in the field. That same year, she got the job of Director of Social Welfare with SONARA where she worked until her retirement in 1990. Aboh was awarded 2 Labour Medals of Honour on the 10th May 1994 for 15 and 39 years of continued service to her community, province and country at large. This vibrant and charismatic lady had her finger in every pie. Aboh started her political journey in 1969. She was elected Branch President of WCNU Mokeba Farms in 1985 and Branch President of WCPDM Mokeba Farms from 1985 – 1987. Mamie Vega, as popularly known in her social groups, was not only a hard worker who was extremely devoted to her family and career but was also a dependable and reliable member of various social groups. She was a founder member and President of Nkoni and a Technical Adviser of Nkoni National. Mamie Vega was also an active member of Kongadzem Fako Division and Nsoadzem Group Limbe, demonstrating her love and total devotion to her husband. Mum was also a member of the Friendship, Pioneer’s and Bafang groups Limbe. She kept up with her contributions and dues until the end. Mum never believed in half measures; it was either all or nothing. A caring, sharing devoted Christian, mum exuded peace, love, unity and totally believed in the power of prayer. She was a member of the Divine Mercy group and founder member of SCC St.Philomena Mokeba Farms. She also taught the doctrine to Catechumens. She was also a staunch member of the CWA Bota branch and also CWA International representing the Cameroon branch along with other members in Rome and the UK. We even remember her being goalkeeper for her branch when they had to play football against the New Town branch. She performed so well because she had her darling husband, a seasoned footballer at the side lines coaching her. It was simply hilarious and needless to say that she ached all over the next day. With great pleasure mummy and daddy contributed immensely in the building of Catholic Mission Church Gardens and even after dad passed on mummy continued her work on this project along with other members of the church. I remember on one of her trips to London she went to Westminster Cathedral and asked for the Fathers’ and Mass servants’ used outfits, took them back to Cameroon and made some alterations so the Mass servants could have nice neat alter clothes. That was the extent of mummy’s devotion to her faith and Christian journey. Aboh was a real lady, dignified, classy, meticulous and never got involved in small talk. She was very forgiving. She was a lady with a big heart from where endless love flowed for all. She was always understanding and would give her last franc to the needy. Aboh loved singing. She had a beautiful voice, I could dare say angelic. She and dad taught us songs like “Row boys row;” “I’ve never sailed thee amazon” and many more. In the evenings she would record us singing. Later on, her Mantra was Prayer is the master key and every child, grandchild had to learn that song. Aboh was a great dancer. She and dad won first place in a competition in Ombe some years back doing the waltz. Her best dance was the Irish dance apart from traditional dances. She had us take Irish dancing lessons at Bota Club and tried to teach her grandchildren too. She got quite annoyed when she would walk into the living room to blasting sounds of James Brown tracks and us trying to do it like James Brown. She would promptly turn off the music saying: I no fit understand weti wuna like for all dis kind rough music and scattered way of dancing.” We couldn’t understand her dislike for this type of music and dance but now we know. Aboh suddenly passed onto glory to our utter shock on the 3rd October 2018 two months before her 89th birthday; coincidentally same day of the week Wednesday, and same time of the day 3pm, as her darling husband our dad and Big Daddy. What love! Aboh was very healthy, ate well and had a great life with lots of love from her family and friends. We the children, grand and great grandchildren want to say a huge thank you and show our appreciation to the many friends who showed their concern for our mother. It will be difficult to name them all. However, there are some who must be mentioned like Ma Marianna Weledji and her sister Professor Therese Tchombe, who not only cared for her but immediately after mum’s passing offered Gregorian masses for 30 consecutive days. Our gratitude also goes to Mr. & Mrs. Lafon and Ndia Eli Atang who were always there with her, keeping her company and joining her in prayers. We would also like to thank most sincerely Drs. Tambe, Yufani and especially Dr. Ndukwe. A huge and special appreciation to our elder sister Maureen and her amazing husband our brother Jim Nkwanyuo with whom our mother spent her last few difficult years. We would also like to thank mum’s caregivers Hermine, Maika and Victor who stood in the gap for us looking after mum diligently. In fact we have a long list of people to show our appreciation to but just can’t mention you all individually. A big thank you to you all. Mum is survived by 5 children, 16 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. The youngest, my grandchild was born 3 days before Aboh passed and now has mum’s middle name, Nuemah. That was mum – she always softened the blow. She has left behind 3 siblings who also have fond memories of her. We will sorely and desperately miss our role model, icon, life coach, the one who loved us unconditionally. We hope to do you proud by emulating you albeit the awareness that your shoes will be too big for us to fit into. To conclude, mum counted it all joy even when she went through diverse life challenges and in everything gave thanks to God. Now she is in Heaven and surely has met with her husband she fondly called Bon and he called her Angie, as well as her son Nicky and other family and friends; especially sweet Jesus as she would always say. Permit me to use this scripture that I believe sums up our mother and Aboh succinctly. It comes from Acts 3:6 when Peter saw the lame man who begged him for some coins and Peter said to the man: “Silver and gold `I have none, but all that I have I give to you.” Suffice to say that our mother touched so many lives in all sorts of ways. We hear her praises being sung from all corners of the globe yet she wasn’t the richest woman in Cameroon but did great things for many. Aboh you make us proud and hope we have made you and will continue to make you proud too. Thank you for your unconditional love and sacrifices for us. In spite of all the challenges you and dad faced you still did everything so we wouldn’t feel the change and difference. Thank you Aboh for your love. Your grand and great grandchildren like us have great memories of you because even when you weren’t with them, you still showered them with your motherly love in so many different ways. Abeni Aboh, jan kijung kong for tarwoh wona furhi Nicky wona nkasési wona furer ya ndzem. Yim nagging ba Ma Nuema, tchatse dad, Nicky, wab aweng. Ntcheng tse dzi popung Translation – Good bye Abo safe journey and love to dad, Nicky and all our family and friends. Let’s all please stand up and honour our Matriach, Mummy, Aboh, Mamie, Sister Angela Nuema Vega nee Nasah with her mantra “Prayer is the Master Key.” Aaron McGruder

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